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Him....The Beauty of him captivated me, or could it be how green his eyes were, Green happens to be my favorite color.. I never tho...

Thursday, June 23, 2016


The softness of his touch gave my body chills....The intensity of him overwhelmed my flesh...I couldn't understand what HE was doing to my being...It was as if I began to unfold..After being rolled up so tight..Tight to the point that you couldn't even inhale my EXISTENCE.. As I began to unfold HE started to reroll... But this time I was filled with his graze, filled with his love, and filled the companionship he gave..HIM and I... We were a head on collision.. It came fast..and it hit unyielding.. So accidental but so BEAUTIFUL all at the same time... He was able to hug and caress my dismembered pieces back together.. Making me whole once again.. HE had become everything.. Being in the presence of him is when I became REBORN...

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