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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

You and Me (2015)

When we were great it was great, but when we were bad it was bad, although we had our moments I remember the beauty, there was you, there was me, there was we. Then came the babies, such beautiful babies together WE created these little beings. These beings of life that would unite a light in us forever. years....then years happened, things got rocky and things got bumpy

The foundation started cracking I couldn't figure out what the hell it was that was lacking...Lacking oh but it was lacking. So my mind got stuck......FUCK it was stuck, my vision got blurry my words started slurring causing my family to worry...but I wasn't worried, I was to busy being free..you see I was free, from the pressure of US...Time...time has passed......Now I find myself in this courtroom where WE turned into You against ME and ME against YOU...is this it???? My mind keeps repeating 7...7 7 7 7..years, 7 years of my life was yours, it was ours

Im looking at you looking at me, but I can't tell what you see
I wonder do you still see me and what we used to BE??......

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